Veolia Water North America - West, LLC

601 Canal Boulevard
Richmond, CA 94804

(510) 412-2001

Aaron Winer, Plant Manager

Veolia Water in Richmond, California

Veolia Water in Richmond

Veolia manages the wastewater treatment facility and related operations, as well as the sewer collection system, for the City of Richmond. We've been here since 2002 and we plan to continue delivering the highest standards of quality and customers service we can for years to come.

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is a complex and critical process. Discover how the system of ensuring water quality and compliance works


Veolia and the City of Richmond have built a strong partnership to achieve a common goal: Enhance the quality of life for Richmond residents. The partnership provides skilled management of the City's wastewater systems to protect the safety of residents and reduce environment degradation.

Community Updates

We understand the importance of regularly providing information and updates about our work in a direct, transparent way. Our Community Updates are designed to keep the community informed about activities at the plant.


Like many plants across the U.S., Richmond's system is aging. Since beginning its partnership with the city, Veolia has made a number of upgrades, with many more scheduled in the years ahead.